Question Surrounding Technology and Elitism

It's hard for me to capture exactly what I am thinking because I don't know if it's really a cohesive thought. But maybe a couple of questions to explore.

Is technology becoming more elitist?

What do I mean by this? I think the more accurate question would be, is the access to technology or well-designed technology dwindling? I think the answer is no to this one. As we get more technology is does tend to filter downwards. This raises another question for me though. Similar to how we have the 1% holding all the wealth is this similar to technology? Do only the rich really have the good technology? I think yeah this is probably true. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Maybe not. The question is though how do you bring this amazing and potentially life saving technology to more people? How do we bring clean water to everyone? It is a human right. How do we bring electricity, internet, education to everyone? Technology is one of the main ways to do this, and by not helping our fellow humans we are limiting the growth potential for all of us. An investment now in those who are less fortunate than us is worth a lot

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