March 23rd-29th 2020

Looks like it's a relatively light week for writing. I have more things to write, but I also want to get some things done around the house.

This Week

Quick Personal Notes:

Want to cut my wardrobe back, and redo it with as much sustainable clothing as possible. Will be recycling or donating old clothes. If you have any specific orgs let me know. Otherwise will give to goodwill or recycle through sewing stuff out of them (chalk bags again? anything else I can make? grocery bags? face masks?)

Great articulation from Jon that I desperately want in my life. To be able to have an open space where I can "pop in on the different dorms, physics, bio, psychology, linguistics, economics, etc". To listen and learn, ask questions and be the dumbest in the room. See how these concepts integrate with my own work. All of these things impact what would be done and what decisions would be made. I would rather them be made by a plurality of people than one person.

Nightly Reading: Watership Down. Only fiction before bed. I've been very tired so slowly moving through it. I love this book though.

Daily Reading: The Design of Everyday Things (probably one of my favorite books. learned so much from this so far. looking forward to continuing to read it) & 12 Rules For Life (initially this book was good, but the more I'm reading the harder I'm finding it to continue. Will likely finish however)

Looking into glass whiteboards.

Thinking about Sonos (that shit expensive...)

Thinking about new MBP (mine crashes when unplugged). Waiting for 14" to be released to decide which to get. I think I would go for 14". I don't really want to spend >$2k on a laptop. Yeah it's what I work on, but cmon I'm spending $1k for my phone already. Let that be my computer please. Also would get an iPad Pro to use as portable second monitor, so that gets expensive real fast.

Kind of want a french press and electric kettle. My coffee machine is very noisy and it bugs me. I also don't want to drink as much coffee as I have been. I don't drink it during the week right now, but if I do I would want a small amount. I find it hard to control in the machine.

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