Political Musings

Why do we let the president appoint so many people?

I guess if we didn't this would help to limit executive branch power further?

Specifically the alternative I was thinking was having the people elect those who get appointed on a regular basis. Or some kind of job evaluation or something. Like cmon for education and EPA we should be electing really good folks. I guess it's a difference in belief, but maybe it would help break partisan lines a bit on more individual issue level

West Wing S2E18

Ainsley Hayes has a great bit in this episode. I don't know what to think exactly. Essentially she is making the argument that Women don't need more laws protecting them, but for the existing ones to be respected. By adding more laws it kind of shows that women aren't equal and we are going to protect them in all these ways. This just perpetuates the bias. Fascinating perspective and in some sense I agree. All people are equal. Full stop. After that has been established how much more is needed? It's touchy and tough and I'm interested to hear more perspectives on this to develop my own further.

Twitter Politics

"People on twitter make me angry with politics. I hate Democrat’s and republicans right now. Both have their heads up their asses at least what I see. I don’t want to see some of y’alls political opinions if it’s just gonna be flaming"

I don't even want to be angry. I don't think I'm going to tweet about politics other than linking these. They are all unfinished thoughts and not meant to enflame.

Also because of this I am staying off Twitter more and more. I do want to be able to filter out any political opinions from anyone I'm following for the most part. @Jon

Yeah I'm part of the problem too, trying to do better

Should the private sector be controlling public services?

This is mostly in relation to healthcare. It's an interesting thing.

Argument for it I think would be that by letting the private sector control, you enable a lot of money to be funneled into research. Does it help to inspire innovation in the sector? Like you have a reason to do it.

Isn't helping people enough? Like you will be rewarded either way...

But what are you researching for? To get people to pay again? Is it really for their health?

I think there is a balance here for sure, I am not toally sure that the government should have full control, but it is a market for sure and we do regulate markets to some extent. Idk at least this would help. It's hard for me to say

Also with cell networks this is a public service. Should it be the gov? Does gov subsidize? :sigh: these are very complicated issues and I need to discuss outside of my own brain here

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